• Mission of LINK

    The mission of LINK is to be an advocate in the crypto community. Our mandate is to transcend cultural biases and bridge the Eastern and Western communities through a series of educational events. Teaching each other of cultural differences will bring back the human element to blockchain and peer to peer ecosystems. Block Producers throughout the world are focused on the health and growth of the network, all aiming to see this project succeed and grow, coming together as a global community to make it happen

  • Founders

    The team behind this initiative

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    Marshall Long

    Marshall is a serial entrepreneur with a background in engineering. He quickly moved into bitcoin space early on with a claim to fame as being one of the first bitcoin miners. Marshall has expertise in P2P economies as well as breaking into new markets - Asia especially.

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    Yves La Rose

    Yves began his journey into technology at a very young age, building his first computer at 6 years old and programming his first game at the age of 7. He always had a deep ideological relationship with computers and the role he imagined them playing in decentralization. He began his university studies in software engineering, but quickly realized the human aspect was where his heart resided. After completing studies in psychology and pure sciences, he bridged the gap by focusing on perceptual and computational neuropsychology, taking his skills to Japan where he resided for six years, helping shape the minds of a generation as an early childhood educator. He is passionate about blockchain technology and the decentralized future that it will bring.

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    Dafeng Guo

    Dafeng is a lifelong technologist with a deep passion for blockchain. He was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 and named Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP in 2017. As cofounder and CTO of Strikingly, one of the world's top publishing platforms, Dafeng has architected systems that serve millions of users and billions of page views. As cofounder of Strikingly, he was accepted into Y Combinator's W13 batch in Silicon Valley. Dafeng has previously lived in South East Asia, China and United States.

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    ​Joseph Fanelli

    Over the years Joseph has cooperated with many large corporations including China’s Tencent QQ Music managing large projects and took the helm of conglomerate NIO Capital’s online presence all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia.

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    Beni Hakak

    Beni Hakak graduated from Israel's top technology institute, Technion, as Valedictorian of his class in Industrial Engineering and Management. From there he joined the strategy division of EY (Ernst & Young), after which he launched the Business Intelligence unit at Geektime, the largest international tech blog outside of the US. Beni discovered blockchain three years ago & has been creating, advising, and working for companies in the space ever since. Beni is currently the VP of Operations at Bancor, a Liquidity Network that had one of most successful ICO's to date raising $153M.